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حياة عبد الصاحب:ا

How does one live with slash overcome their loneliness?

You don’t.
Loneliness is not something you get rid of or just get over with in your life.
Loneliness will always hit, come in waves, in fistfulls, in knocks from the back of your heart, in little bites eating off the tiny bit of joy left for you. And that’s ok.
Repeat after me:
Loneliness is a limb, loneliness is a limb, and it’s always welcome.
Keep an empty pillow for it next to you, fasten the seatbelt for it next to you as you drive through your day, share a meal or two or a moon or two with it. And let it come and go as it wishes as you let joy and laughters come and go as they wish.
Learn that it’s ok to feel so lonely in a lover’s arms, that it’s ok to feel so lonely in your favourite pyjamas and in favourite part of you. Because just like it’ll hurt so badly you’ll stop remembering the sound of walls that don’t hurt around you, it’ll make you do things that you thought you’ll never do in a try to let it rest so you’d rest.
You’ll see yourself trying to let be loneliness so gently you’ll get distracted by how fucking beautifully you do it and end up forgetting that it is there trying to slip its way into your backpack before you go home.
And you’ll see yourself treating yourself more kindly because sometimes, loneliness is the worst in you and you’ll learn to be better with yourself for the sake of loneliness, that swing set that sometimes leaves you behind next pavements to follow and sometimes lost infront of your own reflection, to be more calm and let your heart, the one that exhales nothing less than love most of the time, be the loudest part of you.
(Excuse me for the typos, I typed this in a heartfelt rush.)

(Source: murmuratio-n)

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